07 Jan Audio Design Experts Launches RIVA High Performance Audio Products

RIVA’s Award Winning Mobile Speakers Deliver Best in Class Audio Experience.

LAS VEGAS, NV–January 7, 2014–CES: Audio Design Experts, providers of premiere audio solutions for many leading brands around the world, announced today the launch of RIVA, its lifestyle brand of high performance audio products. Already recognized for its progressive designs and advanced technology, RIVA was named as an Honoree in this year’s CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards. The prestigious award was given to RIVA for the innovation and design put forth in its first product released, the Turbo X speakers.

ADX was founded on the desire to pioneer designs with esteemed partners that have years of incomparable experience in the audio industry. The company is dedicated to developing truly innovative, hardware and software‐based audio that changes the way people think about high performance audio. Among its many accomplishments, the ADX team has been responsible for the design of the #1 selling sound bar in theU.S. and has developed the top three rated sound bars in America as reported by Consumer Reports.

Riva_adio_logoADX developed the RIVA brand to provide consumers with their brand of personal audio products that reproduce music as the artists and producers intended it to be enjoyed. RIVA audio products are for musicphiles who are seeking enhancement of their digital lifestyle. Devotees of true music will experience more of the sound they have been missing.

Riva_adio_logoGlobally known audio expert, Thomas ‘Rikki’ Farr, heads ADX and RIVA as Chairman and Chief Creative Officer. Rikki has been awarded over 30 Platinum and Gold certified studio record awards and has provided audio and production for over 4,700 live events with legendary artists like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Rod Stewart, Tom Petty, Miles Davis, Bob Marley, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Prince, Guns N Roses, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Barbara Streisand, and many more. With over 45 years of experience in designing and building audio products for performances that many millions have enjoyed, Rikki is known throughout the world for producing and delivering sound the way his artists wanted it to be heard.

“We are realizing a dream in the launch of the RIVA brand. We understand how music impacts everyone’s lives and how they consume it in today’s mobile digital world,” said Rikki. “Our team has over 100 years of audio experience, and we are confident that we will deliver a product that is recognized for its value in performance and its truth in pure sound.”

The first products in the RIVA personal audio line include the RIVA Turbo X and Turbo S. RIVA’s Turbo X Bluetooth® speaker is the ultimate personal home entertainment sound system, delivering amazing audio performance through selectable EQ settings specifically designed for music, movies, video games, and other media. Its sophisticated patented design features 7 speakers, 45 watts of power, an 18-­‐hour reverse charging battery, Turbo volume boost, and surround sound powered by ADX’s proprietary Trillium™ technology.

The RIVA Turbo S Bluetooth® speaker is designed for the mobile lifestyle for those who want a compact speaker without sacrificing high-­‐quality sound. With 30 watts of power, 12 hours battery life and surround sound powered by ADX’s proprietary Trillium™ technology, this mobile speaker rises above the available competitive products in pure audio and power of performance.

Both speakers also include capacitive touch buttons, proximity sensing lights, dual speaker synchronization, and teleconferencing capabilities with Cear™ noise and echo cancellation processing technology to delivering crystal clear voice quality during conference calls. And both Turbos with all of the above features are designed to be used indoors and outdoors with both carrying an IPX3 waterproof rating. Individual control is included with the unique RIVA “Ground Control” App that allows complete remote control up to 33ft away.

For more information about RIVA and its innovative line of speakers, visit rivaaudio.com or to learn more about ADX, visit adxaudio.com.

ADX was founded by a team of renowned and respected audio engineers and producers committed to re-­‐inventing the way people think about high performance audio. Currently, true high fidelity is restricted and only available to a narrow segment of consumers. Through ADX’s innovative designs, intellectual property, esteemed partners, and years of creative experience, we are able to develop truly cutting-­‐edge, hardware and software-­‐based audio solutions that fit within a customer’s budget.