26 Oct Bob Marley – A Sense of Joy

Rikki Farr, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of RIVA Audio,tells more of his relationship with Bob Marley including some personal aspects of his life.

“Bob Marley had to overcome a lot of things in his own country. To bring his music to the world. Um, he was gracious, he was polite, he asked for what he wanted. He was a fantastic soccer player. He was devote to what his beliefs were. But he had a way of writing a song. He would write a song of hardship. But it would have…

He was encapsulated in a sense of joy. Bob Marley is probably the most charismatic with the least. He would have, like Dave Palmer would give him fifty lights and a back lot. And it was like seeing Queen with Freddie Mercury with fifteen-hundred lights.

He had this way of when he started to lift his knees and is sort of running on the spot. And his dreadlocks going, you know, and the mic, he had this mic technique where you didn’t hear this “Wuh, wuh”, you heard the music and it…it was so infectious, if that didn’t make you move or even if you had two left feet, you knew how to dance. They gave you something that made you want to move and made you be able to move. You felt the music.

Rikki Farr
Chairman & Chief Creative Officer