10 Sep The Inspiration Behind RIVA – Born out of the Legends of Great Music

We sat down with Rikki Farr, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Audio Design Experts, Inc. and RIVA, to learn a bit more about the inspiration behind RIVA. Here is what Rikki had to share…

“I have been truly blessed to work with creative musical giants, both artists and technologists. This has enabled me to create the audio for what are now the legends of modern music and also to stage many events that led to the rise of their greatness.

RIVA was created to deliver amazing, dynamic and powerful music to a generation that is currently listening to a diluted, over-processed, unkind reproduction of what was supreme in its writing, recording and performances. I was lucky to be there and be part of it. So now with my awesome team, we will bring back the truthful purity of that music. That is our promise.”

Rikki Farr
December 2, 2014