To install the update on your RIVA S, you will need a Windows PC, your RIVA S speaker and USB to micro USB cable.

Please follow these steps to update your RIVA S:
1. Download and run the installer located at http://bit.ly/RIVA_S_Installer.
2. Once the installer is running, follow the steps as prompted.
a. Leave all boxes checked during the installation process.
3. Now that the RIVA S Installer has been installed on your Windows PC, download the RIVA S Firmware located at http://bit.ly/sfirmware.
4. Navigate to your START button and find the CSR BlueSuite 2.5.0 folder. In this folder locate and launch the DFUWizard (it should have a blue and white icon).
5. Please follow these steps to update the firmware on your RIVA S:
a. Power on your RIVA S.
i. We recommend you connect it to the DC adapter/charger in case the
battery has a weak charge.
ii. Make sure it is not paired to any of your Bluetooth® devices. Press and hold the Input button (with the Bluetooth® icon) to unpair.
b. Press and hold the + & – buttons together until the battery indicator changes to alternating blue/violet color, approximately 10 seconds.
c. Using the micro USB cable, connect your RIVA S to your Windows PC in a USB
2.0 port.
i. The battery light indicator, located on the back of your RIVA S will change to a pulsing cyan/aqua color.
ii. You should also hear a beep or see an indication on your computer that it is connected to a USB device.
iii. After your PC has detected the speaker, as indicated above, click NEXT.
d. Make sure that Universal Serial Bus (USB) is selected and click NEXT.
* If your computer states that no speaker is found, leave the cable plugged into your computer and speaker, power the RIVA S speaker Off/On, unplug the cable from the RIVA S and continue from step “b” above.
** If that doesn’t resolve it, navigate to where you installed the Firmware Installer. This is likely going to be something like C:\Program Files\CSR\BlueSuite 2.6.2\. Enter the folder called Drivers, then open Win64. Within this folder you should see something called DPInst.exe. Run this program and then start the firmware update process from the beginning of this document.
e. Select the top Option “Download a new version of the firmware, saving a copy of the current version first.” Click NEXT.
f. Click BROWSE and locate where you have downloaded the RIVA S Firmware file. Click on the file and click SELECT. Click NEXT.
g. Click NEXT again. Your firmware update will begin at this point.
h. When the update completes, click FINISH. DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR RIVA S SPEAKER AT THIS POINT.
i. The battery light indicator will show a rapidly flashing green light. After a few minutes, the battery light indicator will return to a slow pulse. Color will vary based on level of battery charge on your RIVA S.
i. Unplug the micro USB cable from your RIVA S and turn your speaker ON.
j. Please perform a factory reset at this point:
i. Reset the speaker by simultaneously pressing the +, BT, and Power buttons for approximately 10 seconds. You will hear a quick double beep sound. The speaker will turn OFF and back ON automatically.Your RIVA S Firmware update is now complete.

If you have any questions, please contact RIVA Audio Customer Support.