With a combined 100+ years of experience in audio design, the RIVA team set out to create a larger and more powerful sound than one would expect from such a compact speaker, a sound that extends outside the speaker and preserves the natural dynamics and intonations of the original recording. A number of unique elements have been combined to create this exceptional audio.

The RIVA team’s advanced understanding of physics, acoustics, and psychoacoustics resulted in the invention of Trillium™, a new method for sound reproduction. Trillium™ up mixes the left-right stereo signal and outputs it through three channels of amplification and seven transducers to create a stereophonic image much larger than the actual speaker size.

  • Three active speakers, positioned left, center and right, mix in-air to create virtual left and right speakers outside the enclosure.
  • Four passive radiators, two located on the front and two on the back, use a symmetrical arrangement to balance the vibrational forces. With physics, we convert more of the drivers’ energy into sound.

Unlike physical left-right speakers, the Turbo X does not exhibit off-axis comb filtering because of Trillium™. This creates a wider listening area with locked center image location which means every seat is the best seat in the house.


To get the most out of your RIVA speakers we recommend placing the speaker about 3-6 in (8-15 cm) from a corner or wall to take advantage of the natural acoustics of the room.

1numberBEST: In any corner.

2numberREALLY GOOD: Solid, reflective surface behind the speaker.

3numberGOOD: Middle of the room.


In addition to music, we set out to provide an exceptional experience for movies and gaming. Activating the Trillium™ Surround mode expands the soundfield further for action and effects that fill the entire room.


With the innovative Trillium™ platform, our engineers found that conventional and existing transducers failed to meet the sonic requirements. After hundreds of hours of development and numerous prototypes, the RIVA engineering team developed custom active drivers and passive radiators for the Turbo X.

  • Turbo X’s active drivers are high-output, wide bandwidth, compact speakers that deliver a much broader range of the musical spectrum without colorization or distortion.
  • The custom designed Turbo X passive radiators were created with dedicated dual suspensions and custom bobbins and frames to support the highly impressive low-frequency performance.

Delivers exceptional fidelity with minimal processing of the signal to preserve the natural dynamics and the purity of the original recording.


Finally you can have Loud AND Beautiful sound. Play up to 100dB while our smart bass compression protects the speaker from over excursion while still delivering stunning musical mids and highs. (Turbo X only)


Focuses on the vocal dialog range and distributes it through three speakers to ensure clear, natural sounding conference calls no matter where you are sitting.


Adds up to 9dB of gain to the speaker’s output to account for the inherently weaker signal coming from a turntable. This mode also bypasses the automatic gain control in the DSP for the auxiliary input, providing a clean, uncompressed signal to the amplifier. No other Bluetooth speaker has the capability to play vinyl like this.